Megabolt art workshop for terminally ill kids

idea by skaspr
Megabolt art workshop for terminally ill kids



Overview of Fundraiser

We will create a printmaking workshop for kids fighting terminal illness. The workshop is set up so that any kid can participate and have fun. The $500 will fund our printmaking supplies (screens, ink, paper, squeegees) as well as help fund a video documentation of the workshop.

The Specifics: How will the $500 fund your fundraiser?

We will use the $500 for supplies (ink, screens, squeegees, etc) as well as rent equipment to document the workshop. By documenting the workshop with professional grade equipment we will be able to create a buzz around our core idea. With professional videos and photos we will be able to gain more supporters through social media and advertising. More supporters means more funding, more funding means more workshops, more workshops means more GOOD.

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Thank You Megabolt for to make a child's day, letting them enjoy something fun. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

by holpfer@sbcglobal.net
almost 2 years ago | Reply

Wonderful idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you win the fundraiser for the kids.

by holpfer@sbcglobal.net
almost 2 years ago | Reply

What a wonderful thing for the children (and there parents). I am sure printing something that they made while having fun is something they will remember for a long time. Love the idea!!!!!!!! Great Work

by holpfer@sbcglobal.net
almost 2 years ago | Reply

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